Before you return your slipcover, try these styling tips:

..It's all in the tucking! It is normal to have excess fabric. As long as there's a place to tuck it, you should be able to style your slipcover successfully with a little effort. It takes a good 5-10 minutes to tuck and not expect the cover to jump out of the bag and put itself on!

Get help from a friend or relative. He or she might be a better stylist or perhaps they even own a slipcover and can show you how to get it to look nice. It is much easier to put a sofa cover on with two people.

Take the wrinkles out... It won't look like the catalog photo if you don't! Simply toss in the dryer for ten minutes on cool or warm heat with a damp washcloth and the wrinkles will steam right out.

Arm trouble? Tuck excess fabric down between the seat and arm. You must also pull the fabric back towards the rear of the chair where the arm meets the back. Tuck down and back, down and back until the arm is successfully styled

Not staying in place? Try these tips...insert something into the crevices to keep the cover from pulling up. This can be anything from a rolled up magazine secured with rubber bands, to a wooden dowel, pool noodle or PVC pipe. Place a piece of rug grip on the seat, underneath your slipcover. This will prevent the seat fabric from sliding around.Remember, the deeper you tuck, the better the cover stays. Heavier, textured fabrics stay in place better than smooth, lightweight fabrics. Use a spatula or wooden spoon to help you tuck deeper into the crevices of your furniture.

Covering leather? Try laying down "nonskid strips" that are normally used beneath carpeting to reduce slipping.