How to choose the sofa cover size?

Right L and Lert L

1. Backrest

If G < 60cm(23.6in) , you can choose 70x70cm/27.5*27.5in

If 60cm(23.6in) < G < 75cm(29.5in) , you can choose 90x90cm/35.5*35.5in

If G >75cm(29.5in) , you can choose 110x110cm/43.3*43.3in


2. Armrest

Please choose armrest according to the dimension I*K 2pc

3. Seat Cover

Please choose E*(F+20cm/7.9in) 1pc, B*(A+20cm/7.9in) 1pc, C*(D+20cm/7.9in) 1pc,


1. Backrest

Please choose C*D

2. Armrest

Please choose E*F

3. Seat Cover

Please choose A*B

How To Choose: 28" Width to fit sofa width equal or less than 24", 36" Width to fit sofa width between 24" to 32", and 43" Width to fit sofa width above 32". For length, please add extra 4" - 8" long to tuck in the sides, Width and Length better longer than short. For example, you sofa measurement 30" x 58", you can order size 36" x 63" to fit. Armrest and backrest size recommend choosing 28" x 28" or 36" x 36".

Multiple Function & Application: This soft furniture cover protects your couch, sofa, loveseat, recliner and chairs from spills, stains, pets. It's suitable for all seasons and not only used for sofa cover, but also for baby play mat, bedroom rug, floor pad, window